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Eating out has become easier than cooking for one lately, especially since I don’t particularly care for leftovers, since I live in the middle of a town with virtually hundreds of restaurants and I love being out in public to people watch! Through this habit along with my addiction to the Food Network, I have developed a plethora of ideas on customer service, product critique and what I feel is just good food. Through this site, I hope to share some of my ideas.


Chicken Sandwiches seem to be the rave these days as all types of restaurants compete to earn your business.  When Popeyes and Chick Fil A started taking over the fast food industry, other franchises were forced to up their game.  Although they already had chicken sandwiches on the menu, they were the kind that were often on the value menu and were no match for the “gourmet” chicken sandwiches found at the specialty chicken fast food restaurants. 

The result of the craze has caused long lines winding out into the street at Popeyes and Chick Fil A as they compete to take advantage of the “new classic” version and cash in on the huge advertising campaigns claiming to “love that chicken at Popeyes” or Chick Fil A’s “the Little Things” campaign featuring employees who have made a personal relationships with  customers. 

In addition, McDonalds upped it’s game by revamping the original chicken sandwich and making a new and improved, larger chicken sandwich in a regular and spicy version.  KFC has done the same, pausing it’s slogan for “finger lickin’ good” during the pandemic. 

Regardless of how they all got there, the chicken sandwiches all have their own flavor while being very similar in the long run which brings me to the ultimate purpose in the research which supports this post.  After sampling all four of sandwiches, subtle differences have emerged.  Although each person has their own preference, here are a few of the facts.

Chick Fil A is served with pickles but no sauce.  Their signature Chick Fil A sauce is a huge draw for many people, so much that it is now sold in stores in a bottle.  McDonald’s sandwich is also served with only pickles.  All the sandwiches were served on toasted buns, however, the KFC and Popeyes sandwiches both had mayonnaise, actually a lot of mayonnaise, to the point of drowning the taste of the chicken.

Each sandwich had similar nutritional information and similar prices.  It should be noted that the Chick Fil A sandwich patty was smaller that the others, which explains the lower calorie, fat, and carb totals. Even though Popeyes advertises the amount of spices used in creating their patty, the taste was not spicy hot. 

LocationServed withPriceCaloriesFat (g)Carbs
Chick Fil Apickles3.994401741
KFCMayo, pickles3.996503549
PopeyesMayo, pickles3.996994250

My personal opinion, along with that of my brother who helped me gather the data, came down to this:  Chick Fil A was the flavor winner.  KFC actually had the best white meat.  All sandwiches were greasy, but after all, they are fried.  I found the buns to be greasy on top also.  McDonald’s bun was the best toasted bun as the other buns were barely toasted at all. 

I feel I would be remiss if I did not mention the customer service.  I realize that with the pandemic, the “face of customer service” has changed dramatically.  I also realize that the location is a huge factor in how you are treated.  That all being said, Chick Fil A has customer service that is above and beyond all other fast food restaurants.  Multiple lines, advanced technology and personal service has catapulted them above all other establishments.  If you haven’t experienced it, you might just go for the service.  For instance, I went around 4:00 on a weekend, had 14 people in front of me in the two lines that they operated, and was leaving the lot on ten minutes.  That wasn’t the case in any other of the four restaurants.

KFC was the absolute worst, and again, please remember that this might be impacted by the location and the fact that their dining room is still closed, as is McDonald’s and Popeyes.  However, at KFC I was eighth in the one line that they had and it took me 25 minutes to go through the line.  Instead of personal attention when I finally got to the window, the employee was rude and the facility was anything but clean.  They claim to do chicken right, however, they need to take lessons from the people across town. 

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