Ten Little Things I love

Ten Little Things I Love

Everybody has some “go to” things in their lives.   These are the things that you can’t live without, that you will spend a little more to get, and you will give to your friends as gifts because you want them to love the product as much as you do.  Here’s my list:

  1. Honey Honey lotion by Perfectly Posh.  It smells sweet, not really like honey, but more like heaven to me.  It is rich and the moisture and scent lasts all day.  It sells for $ a tube and is well worth the money.  You can buy it from a consultant (like me) and going to their website here: https://www.perfectlyposh.com.
  • 2. Chanel Chance.  There are very few things I would spend this much money on as a single person, however, Chanel Chance is one of them.  I splurged a couple of years ago and bought myself some and now I keep at least one and sometimes two bottles, on hand at all times and use it almost every day.  It makes me feel pretty and rich—it’s magical.  The scent lasts all day and I always get compliments on it.
  • 3. Dawn Dish Soap—the original.  I don’t ever buy any other scent or brand.  It make cost a few cents more to use other brands, but it is not worth the money and it pays for itself.
  • 4. Fried Tacos—You can take a regular flour tortilla shell and eat it as it is or you can eat one of the crunchy taco shells and have good tacos.  BUT you can take that soft shell, throw it in some hot oil and take it to the next level.  There is just nothing better than a freshly fried crispy taco shell.  Just do it.
  • 5.  Peeps—ok, as a Type 2 Diabetic, I don’t eat them often, but sometimes you just need a little sugar.  I find people either love them or hate them.  Some people like to put them in the microwave and blow them up.  I even heard on the radio some people use the bunny peeps, put toothpicks in their hands and let them “duke it out” in the microwave.  Personally, I just eat them.  I don’t go for fancy flavors—I think they all taste alike, regardless of the color or shape. 
  • 6.  Metal Signs. I am a HUGE Joanna Gaines fan and I got my first metal sign from Magnolia Farms in Waco, Texas.  Since that time, I have found them other places and I have several scattered around my house.  I added bows to the big one to cover the hangers and the sign is very heavy so I don’t ever move it when I move the furniture around, which is often.  The second sign was a gift and came from Mulberry Mill in Branson, MO, a place that I love.  I might add that I had the second sign in the bathroom a friend of mine decided that maybe that wasn’t quite the right place for it.  Think about it.
  •  7. Sketchers Sandals

I walk a lot and I usually wear Asics, but sometimes I need to wear sandals and walk a lot.  Flip flops don’t cut it for me and although I call Sketchers tennis shoes “old lady shoes,” I love their sandals and can walk long distances in them and not be in pain.  They come in all sorts of styles and colors and I have to admit, I have four colors.  I like that if they get dirty, I throw them in the washer and they come out as good as new.  You can buy them on-line but I usually get them at Macys.

  • 8.  Warmies

I must preface this by saying that it doesn’t matter what character you buy, just get one.  I got a pig and it works quite nicely.   Here’s the deal, you put it in the microwave and heat it for 90 seconds.  It stays warm for hours, and this brand has a eucalyptus smell.  It works well for me because I have pain in my hand from a fall years ago and when it’s going to rain or very cold, well, you know.  I use it often!  I also own Warmie slippers which sounds like a great idea because I am very cold natured and I live in Missouri, but they make my feet sweat so I mainly use them by putting my feet on top of them instead of inside them.  I might add, they are not made for walking around the house.  Don’t ask.  You can find these on Oh My Deer Boutique, which happens to be my daughter’s on-line boutique, which honestly has nothing to do with why I love these things.

  • 9.  Willow Tree

Angels have a special place in my heart and I have several Willow Tree statues that have been given to me as a gifts.  They are simple and each one has a “name” with a special meaning.  They are not made of a willow tree, but they are very special pieces of my home décor.

10. Country Decor

I already mentioned that I love Joanna Gaines and all that comes along with her decorating theme.  I live in town, but my home has a country decorating theme and it makes me happy, rounding out my list of things I love.  Family heirlooms along with contemporary country make my home my happy place!  It may not be fancy, but I own it and it makes my heart happy!

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